That One Time The Pizza Guy Got Locked Out

A couple of weeks ago, I was down in Sydney catching up with my friend John when something hilarious happened.

I was at John’s place where I was staying. His wife was out for the night so we decided to relive our youth and order a pizza.

About 40 minutes later we hear a knock on the door. We open the door and see a young guy, no more than 18, covered in pimples looking sheepishly at us. It’s the pizza delivery guy, but with no pizza.

“Ah Hi,” he said nervously “I’m here to deliver your pizza, but I’ve just locked myself out of my car”.

I almost burst out in laughter right then. I looked at John and I could see the glint of humour in his eye too. That was until we realised something…

Our pizza’s were in the car too!

Ah shit. We let the kid in, feeling sorry for him and let him use our phone to call up someone to open up his car.

As we waited for a locksmith to come around an awkward silence had fallen on us as we sat there. The kid was obviously embarrassed so I decided to tell him a story when I locked myself out of my dorm room.

When I was at university, I use to keep my keys on a lanyard. Sometimes my door would lock itself so when I was out in the common room I use to just hang the lanyard with the keys on the door knob.

One time I had closed my door quite quickly. As a result, the keys on the end of lanyard swung onto the inside of the door looking me out. Dammit!

But it gets better.

I could see my story had lightened up the pizza delivery guy a little. John decided to chip in and tell us one of his awkward lockout moments.

John is a lot more adventurous than I am. I think he fancies himself a modern MacGyver. So when he got locked out of his home he decided to pick his own locks.

He had just come home from work and realised he had locked himself out.

He had watched enough out movies to know that you could pick a lock with nothing more than a paper clip. So finding himself locked out and with some paper clips from work, he thought he would give it a try.

Now what they don’t tell you in the movies is that picking modern locks with a paper clip is hard, if not impossible. A risk you take is the paperclip can get stuck in the lock and even break off.

What do you think happened? Yep, my mate failed to pick the front lock, leaving a broken paper clip inside it. Not one to be deterred he gave the back door a try. Nope, no luck. Just two stuffed locks.

He ended up calling a locksmith. In the end, his break-in attempts cost him his pride. The locksmith came to his house, cleared up the lock barrel (thank god he didn’t have to pay for replacement locks) and let him in.

The delivery kid had cheered up. He then shared a story that had myself and John almost falling off our chairs laughing.

This happened to a friend of his apparently.

His friend had met up with an ex-girlfriend as a bit of a “catch up”. She had got him to strip off and cuffed an arm to the bed. His excitement was quickly extinguished as she then proceeded to get up and leave, taking the key with her.

After two failed attempts at calling a locksmith (they apparently both laughed before hanging up) a locksmith finally came and unlocked the handcuffs.

Free of charge.

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