I’ve Got the House To Myself: A Weekend With Nature, Netflix, and the Cat

How to watch Netflix overseasWell, the wife rolled out of our driveway early Friday morning with the kid in tow. They’re off to visit my dear mother-in-law in Albany, way upstate. Julia (you absolute angel, you) decided last minute that maybe I should stay home, and I have to say, this guy is definitely not complaining! The last time I went along with them to see the in-laws was two Christmases ago and let’s just say, a few conversational disagreements here and there, and things somehow got a little… messy. Sorry, folks.

So I’ve got the run of this whole, big, empty place until Monday morning. Of course, Julia left me one whopper of a to-do list: Clean the leaves out of the gutters before it snows, fix that annoying squeaky stair, try to figure out why the whole basement smells like dirty socks, and on and on. Being the A-plus husband that I clearly am, I’m sure I’ll finish at least one item off that list before the family’s back. (Knock on wood.)

But on this sunny and crisp weekend afternoon, I couldn’t just stay inside whiling my time away on odds n’ ends housework and chores. The sky a brilliant blue and the last of those New York autumn colors lingering on the trees, I hit the beautiful hiking trails throughout Chautauqua and walked for miles, simply enjoying the bright sun and chilly air.

By the time I got back to my quiet, empty house some five hours later, I’d worked up a ravenous appetite and had worn myself out pretty good. Hitting the kitchen, I flexed every impressively talented culinary muscle I had in my body, and by that I mean I made an enormous, meaty, mayo-slathered sandwich big enough to feed the entire neighborhood! I even shared some choice meat scraps with my little furry buddy Daiquiri – I swear, I’m such a softy sometimes.

I made my way through the living room, plopped my tired body down on the outrageously comfy sectional, and settled in with my sandwich and the TV remote. A little quality time with my good friend Netflix is always welcome; there’s so much entertaining stuff to help you waste all that free time, and with a little help from a VPN, I can enjoy Netflix anywhere I go. Not that freelance writer househusbands really tend to go too far from home, anyways!

Yeah, I’m sure I’ll get around to checking out the leaf-clogged gutters or the squeaky step or the weird dirty sock smell that Julia was going on about. But I’ve got the whole rest of the weekend ahead of me, and right now I think that some solid binge watching the first three seasons of Sons of Anarchy sounds like a terrific plan.

Although, Daiquiri’s just jumped up next to me on the sofa and settled in like a champ. He says we should watch those delightful videos of fish swimming in aquarium tanks instead. We’ll just see about that, cat… we’ll see.

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