Moving In

houseforsaleI thought to myself today “One of questions my dearest readers might have is how come I’ve decided to live in Chautauqua, or where I was before. So why not write about that?”

I lived in Cleveland all of my life. I was raised there, finished school, had my first girlfriend and so on. Life was pretty good there, but you could say I lived in sort of a bad neighbourhood. You know, drugs, violence, that kind of thing… It wasn’t really that safe to walk down the streets at night and I worried about Julia every time she left the house.

Once we got married, we started talking about having kids and the big problem was we didn’t want to raise him there. So we talked, A LOT. And we researched, A LOT.

There were a lot of places we liked, but none really stood out so we just kept postponing and researching and postponing and researching. Once Julia got pregnant though, then it was time to panic. But Julia soon got a marvellous idea – moving to her tiny home town I’ve never even heard of. [Read more…]