Living the dream

A lot of time has passed since my last blog post. I can say things are progressing rather well.

Neighbors daughter is taking care of Mike Jr. and Daiquiri the days Julia and I work during same hours. I’ve managed to find one guy in this little town that I actually like hanging out with, could be because he lives alone and have home cinema in a town without a cinema or any other entertainment, could be.

My baby boy is more popular with the ladies than I ever was, sometimes it feels like he is the main attraction of the town. Everyone asks about him, everyone have a story about him. I guess I have to admit, small towns are really great for a kid.

We are financially stable and made couple of friends, I still miss my home town considering there is nothing really to do around here. Or so I thought, wrong again.

We visited my parents in Cleveland about a week ago, was a great trip and it was great to see my town again. Except it felt like there were huge crowds everywhere, and too many cars, not to mention the noise during the night from the road and people partying. It was that night when I realized I got infected by a small town, and that I enjoy nearly all the things it provides.