No work, no money, no luxuries

Money, money, money.

As we moved my wife found a job, wasn’t all that hard at the time, being a nurse. But I was a journalist, in middle of nowhere, very useful for this community. Not to a mention there’s a newborn in the house, and a cat trying to figure out what the hell is that thing and why it keeps screaming.

So I figured I would turn to freelancing for a while, and attempt to manage my surprise job as a househusband, yes that’s a thing! The thing about freelancing is that its difficult to score a job, and when you get it its pretty much a short term deal with not too great pay and zero benefits.

So time passed and I was only getting couple of dollars here, couple of dollars there. We were in a little financial trouble. What made it awesome is living in a small town where everyone finds out you’re unemployed, so the whole town sits around all day and talks how lazy husband my wife has that only sits at home, drink beer, and spends her hard earned money on iPads.

I’ve started to make some cut backs – you know, because you just have to when you have nothing. I’ve recently downsized my car and switched phone carriers. They phone company was being an arse about letting me switch to a cheaper contract do it so just unlocked my iPhone and switched carriers! Take that!

They could have kept me as a customer but by being an arse, lost me.

My wife came home one night two weeks ago saying how her coworker Wendy taped her shoulder and asked if she wanted to talk to someone about her domestic situation. It boggles my mind just what sort of information is circulating in this town. Julia finds everything funny for some reason, but that’s why I love her. My little optimist.